Welcome! I hope to share with you not so personal information about myself in the hopes you may learn what captures my imagination, motivates me spiritually, and the places and ways I have found to serve God, humanity, and our earth. While most of what was written for this site was prepared by me.

    I'm hoping that through my sermons and writings, you may find a greater spirituality. While I am very much a Christian and my writings come from that tradition, I affirm the faith of others and their lives of faithfulness in their spiritual quest.

    There is a page with many of the books I have read. Since I began making this list it has grown too long, so I am compelled to limit it to the books, I believe are most important for the issues of today. I offer these in the hope that you may run across something you have not read that you may find helpful, challenging, or inspiring.

    All photographs and writings on this website are my work. Thus they are copyrighted and may be used by my permission only.

Questions about what you read here or for permissions contact me atparrish@parrishjones.net.

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